After years of osteopathic treatments and still in back pain I was in despair with how to cope being a young mum to another little girl born 4 months prior to meeting Sonia.

Sonia has straight away addressed the main culprits to my overall lack of well being, such as my posture, lack of hydration, deep breathing and essential mineral intake.

It has taken us only several sessions for my back pain to start to go and I find myself more and more aware of how I hold myself throughout the day. I find it incredible at how fast my strength is returning since being pregnant. The exercises look sometimes deceivingly easy, but they are a far cry from it as every one of them carries a certain challenge in it. I actually feel like I have toned abdominals and perky bottom for the first time in my life!

Laura Bell

Busy Mum of 2

I started to attend Palecek classes out of pure despair as my neck was badly blocked for weeks; I was on painkillers and could not sleep. My initial scepticism was overcome by talking to Sonia and since the first class I have literally fallen in love with Sonia and her individual attitude to every participant.

I have started to attend her classes regularly, which helped me to strengthen my neck, shoulder and arm muscles. I am off the pills and I do feel my body is re-energised and my soul distressed after each class. Highly recommended!

Alice Vondrys


One of the best things I got from Sonia is a different awareness of my own body and the different ability to manage challenges that I have got as a result of injuries I sustained a long time ago.

I have got a whole new way of being able to operate and move through life as a result of having done work with Sonia.

Julian Danobia

Managing Director, Down The Corridor