The Power Of Pilates: “CORE Trilogy”

What is the workshop about?

The Power Of Pilates: “CORE Trilogy” is a series of three workshops for those who want to build solid and lasting foundations of their innermost core structures in a safe and structured way.

Each workshop is designed to:

1. Heighten your awareness of your perfectly asymmetrical body
2. Bring to light the habitual and compensatory patterns your body makes to carry you about
3. Help you to stop strengthening your weaknesses and get down to the core of it all

Mid-February you get to bring into your view where you are right now posture-wise, what works and what might serve your body (esp. your core!) better in standing, sitting, floor-based or in motion.

Posture restoration for vitality, health and happiness

Beginning of March, you get to experience how connecting your deep core structures assist you in aligning your body weight centres (head, ribcage, pelvis & feet) using the principle of ‘less is more’.

Deepening the core through the power of pilates

Finally, mid-March you get to put a spring back in your step whilst uncovering the ways to maintain core control and effortless flow whilst transitioning into challenging yet functional movements.

Building “dynamic core” through functional movement

Sonia will encourage you to progress to the movement level you feel comfortable with. Variations will be given to beginners and more advanced practitioners. Questions welcomed throughout the events as well as prior to any workshop (

Open to all.

To learn more & book the workshop, visit the link below:

The power of pilates: Core Trilogy Workshop


Feb 20 2021 - Mar 20 2021


UK (gmt+1)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Triyoga Chelsea
372 King’s Road, London, United Kingdom


Triyoga Chelsea


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