Posture restoration for vitality, health and happiness

What is the workshop about?

With modern day living at our desks and text neck becoming an ever-increasing issue, resetting our posture can be invaluable to our overall health.

What is posture and why does it matter?

Our modern civilization of ever-changing technological advances has in many ways impaired our physical (and mental) wellbeing and evolution, as our bodies cannot adapt to it at that speed. That lost ability to hold and use one’s body in a way that it was designed creates ‘poor posture’.

The way we carry ourselves affects not only our musculo-skeletal, nervous or respiratory systems, but also our digestive, lymphatic and immune systems. Our physiology is also an expression of our moods, words and self-images which mirror our posture towards outside world. How we move and link posture sequences through myriad of movement patterns matters.

Immerse yourself in letting go of the old patterns and invite a fresh health-promoting body-mind flow and experience. Besides expanded awareness of where you are with your postural alignment right now, practice in this workshop will leave you:

1. Armed with new tools you can use to continue restoring your posture
2. Feeling rejuvenated and supple, yet strong and resilient
3. Connected with your own body in a more profound way

Level: open to all students and teachers

To learn more & book the workshop, choose one of the options:

Click here for the studio version of the workshop (£30).
Click here for the online version of the workshop (£20).

All participants will have access to workshop recordings for 7 days.

Questions welcomed throughout the events as well as prior to any workshop (


Jan 22 2022


UK (gmt+1)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Triyoga Chelsea
372 King’s Road, London, United Kingdom


Triyoga Chelsea


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