Deepening the core through the power of pilates

What is the workshop about?

The core is our foundation for all movements including pilates, yoga, gym training, dance, martial arts or sports. In this workshop we will look at uncovering parts of our deepest centre we might have never been present to even existing.

You will experience why working on mobility of the spine precedes stability and ultimately the strength of the core. We will largely use gravity as a friend, to help us ‘untangle’ faulty patterning in core activation, until we get onto our feet into a vertical alignment, where the gravitational forces are continuously challenging our core centre.

In this workshop we will dive into:

1. A basic anatomical overview of the trunk, both for postural and functional understanding
2. Alignment of the three body weight centres (pelvis, ribcage, head) essential for a strong and stable mid-section in variety of postures
3. Ways of stabilising the ever-challenging mid-lower back & pelvic sections which are crucial when moving to progressive core work

You will leave the workshop with a number of sequences that you can practice with confidence on your own for an all-around core work. In addition, you will feel ‘sturdier’ yet supple, well exercised but calm. Be ready to deal with the aching abs the following day.

Level: open to all students and teachers

To learn more & book the workshop, choose one of the options:

Click here for the studio version of the workshop (£30).
Click here for the online version of the workshop (£20).

All participants will have access to workshop recordings for 7 days.

Questions welcomed throughout the events as well as prior to any workshop (


Jan 29 2022


UK (gmt+1)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Triyoga Chelsea
372 King’s Road, London, United Kingdom


Triyoga Chelsea


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