Building “dynamic core” through functional movement

What is the workshop about?

Life happens beyond linear movement; it is full of spirals, circles, bounces and curves happening in a variety of directions and planes of movement.

Explore how you can integrate functional movement into your practice to not only create more balanced, safer and healthier way to move the joints, the connective tissue and system as a whole, but how you can train your core way more effectively and functionally. Developing a greater sense of what dynamic alignment entails will be applicable in any class or activity that you do.

Expect to gain understanding of functional movement and how to:

1. Effectively use your feet which translates into how the rest of your body moves
2. Train the core of your trunk to keep your body resilient and robust
3. Add flow, variety of rhythm, tempo and intensity to encourage not only new neuro-muscular patterning but fascial training and rejuvenation

Leave the workshop with functional movement sequences that you can practice anywhere and anytime. This will lead to improved body balance, confidence, strength, and resilience which can prevent injuries, improve sports performance and take your awareness of your postural alignment to the next level.

Level: open to all students and teachers

To learn more & book the workshop, choose one of the options:

Click here for the studio version of the workshop (£30).
Click here for the online version of the workshop (£20).

All participants will have access to workshop recordings for 7 days.

Questions welcomed throughout the events as well as prior to any workshop (


Feb 05 2022


UK (gmt+1)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Triyoga Chelsea
372 King’s Road, London, United Kingdom


Triyoga Chelsea



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