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Building “dynamic core” through functional movement

December 1, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


What is the workshop about?

In this workshop we will uncover why integrating functional movement into your practice leads to not only creating a safer and healthier way to move the joints, the connective tissue and a system as a whole, but also how you can train your core way more effectively and functionally to have your body be strong yet supple and resilient.

What can I expect?

  •  Understanding the functional movement which includes moving through 3 planes of motion using as many joints of the body as possible at any one time
  • You will be giving your neuro-muscular system and your core an invigorating experience which prepares you for life out there including sports and recreation
  • Greater sense of what dynamic alignment entails and how you can apply this in any class you do, for e.g. what is a desirable hip-knee-foot alignment, where’s your shoulder at its strongest and at its weakest in a loaded motion, is your trunk moving as well as it could.

What will I gain from the workshop?

You will leave the workshop with at least 2 functional movement sequences that you can practice anywhere and anytime. This will lead to improved body balance, strength and resilience which can prevent injuries, improve sports performance and take your posture alignment to the next level.

Who is it for?

Open to all looking to strengthen their core from head below in a more dynamic fashion

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Triyoga Chelsea
372 King’s Road
London, United Kingdom
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