Conscious Fuelling

Understanding and Managing Your Gut Health for Wellness and Longevity

If what matters most to you has anything to do with your health, you’ve come to the right place!

Carefully structured and tested, the Counscious Fuelling online course will provide you with all the strategies, tools and guidance you’ll need to make you long-term leaner, healthier and happier.

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“We need to break free from the norm – learning how to nurture every part of our human dimension is a process, but by doing small consistent changes we can cause a snowball effect and a lasting freedom”

Sonia Palecek

Meet Sonia Palecek, Your Conscious Fuelling Coach

Sonia Palecek is a wellness coach and a health educator. For two decades she has been helping people have better alignment within themselves, which translates into how they experience and interact with their environment.

Starting initially in the world of fitness, and establishing the Palecek Principles organisation, Sonia was one of the pioneers in bringing bespoke pilates, yoga and functional fitness programmes to London’s Chelsea and Belgravia residents. Sonia was also the architect of many wellness programmes, such as ‘Fat Busters’, ‘Body Camp’ and ‘7 Days Detox’.

Few years back a series of personal tragic events led to emotional void that opened a way to a big paradigm shift: ‘I now see it all as a gift; it was just like a pieces of puzzle were literary falling into place’ and a long-term vision of brining holistic wellness programmes under one roof started its birth.

Inspired by her own transformation and physical excellence Sonia has thrown herself into the world of scientific and functional medical research, human instincts, psychology and nutritional anthropology and created an effective, reliable, bulletproof process on how to effortlessly adopt a sustainable health-promoting diet and lifestyle.

‘Conscious Fuelling’ is a transformational online coaching course and it is the 1st of the 7 steps to a complete holistic body-mind alignment. It is a step-by-step experience of attaining extraordinary health, healing, disease prevention, weight loss and longevity.

About the Course

Conscious Fuelling is an interactive, transformative online course aimed at making you leaner, healthier and happier in the long run.

You will get 10 live calls with Sonia as well as all the related resources, guidance & support and by the time you complete it, you’ll have an entirely new relationship with both food and your body, without having to worry about trendy diets, ineffective weight loss or harmful eating habits ever again.

Due to its holistic approach, the Conscious Fuelling course will provide you with multiple benefits in 4 key areas:

1. Physical Wellbeing, 2. Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing, 3. Lifestyle and 4. Education

1. Physical Wellbeing

Your body wants to be lean, strong and well, at any age; it is a natural birth given right to each and one of us. Yet majority of people in modern societies are overfed but malnourished and carrying too much deadly fat. Chances are – your own gut is somewhat of a stagnant pond spreading inflammation & disease throughout the body – all which is robbing you of energy and crippling your health. Adopt a health-promoting dietary approach and witness your body fat plummet as your energy soars, cutting your risk of diseases and enjoying a longer active life.

Weight Loss That Lasts

Excess body fat isn’t healthy! Get present to what’s really been blocking your weight loss until now. As you give your body a chance to absorb the nutrients from foods, you will reset your metabolism. Expect to drop at least 1 dress size or 1- 2 belt holes during the 3-week course and keep going until you reach a new weight-set point that will last – without dieting, without excluding any food groups and without exercise (obviously you need to move daily).

Healing Yourself Naturally

The genetics may load the gun, but it is the diet that pulls the trigger! Learn how to take action upon those subtle, yet clear signals your body is sending you, very early in the game. Leave the course with a plan that heals your gut as the first port of call – optimising digestive and immune function, helping you maintain discipline and improving your heart, brain, blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar functions.

Access to Immediate Energy

Experience a boost in your energy and vigour very early on in the course; this newly discovered mental and physical liveliness will have you perform at a high level and truly add juice and years to your life! Restoring sleep-wake rhythm and improving circadian clock will result in easier getting up, easier falling asleep and staying asleep.

Road to Extraordinary Health & Longevity

As you start a journey with us, you will almost immediately notice signs to looking and feeling better than you did 10, 20, 30 years ago. Through a sustainable system you can easily follow expect improved medical exams, clearer and tighter skin, increased libido, fertility and muscle tone. As you slow down and reverse the biological ageing you will down-regulate your unfavourable genes whilst keeping good genes turned on, so that you that you can enjoy the lean body, sharp mind and remain active in later years.

2. Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Transform the relationship you have with your body by tuning in and listening intuitively to what it needs. Follow the step-by-step process and hone the skill of aligning every part of your being so that you can start living out of your intentions, which will bring you closer to your goals. Add to this the right fuel that enhances the brain chemistry and functioning so you can break the vicious cycle of an often-times uphill struggle, denial and self-sabotage and instead experience effortless behavioural change leading to operating from a new place of consciousness.

Upward Shift in Mental Health

It is almost incredible that altering just a few fuelling ingredients can cause such a profound shift in one’s mood and behaviour. This system addresses both the dietary choices and lifestyle habits as well as coaching tools and techniques you can apply anywhere and anytime you need that ‘lift-me-up’.​

Feeling Connected to Yourself in a Profound Way

As you shed the old skin the possibility of new (consciousness) emerges; as your faith gets restored new confidence appears. Practicing mindful eating habits throughout the course will not only carve the new ways of not only been connected with your foods, but to be connected to yourself in a deep meaningful way which will continue to have you be inspired and motivated well after completing the course. You will learn to love yourself and your body the way you didn’t think possible.

Altered Relationship with Food

During the course as your mindfulness increases you will start to see the food from a different perspective and alter who you are being around food on a subconscious level. This will open up the pathway to successfully dealing with food (and other)/ quitting any addictions, curbing uncontrollable cravings and insatiable hunger, whilst you start to have fun and freedom around food.

Boost in Cognitive Ability & Memory

Healing the gut will positively affect neurological pathways throughout the body, particularly the brain. As the lethargy dissipates and brain fog lifts further cognitive sharpening and memory awakening is expected. Those around you will be the first to tell you how different you seem.

3. Lifestyle

When you have a big enough ‘why’, you will start to have fun with ‘how’. In other words, money, time, people and environment will stop being the problem only when you truly get the importance of investing into your health now. Extending personal well-being and care to those around you and to that of the planet will project messages of clear intention of a longer active life, more balanced time with friends and family, of a lasting lifestyle of quality and health.

Sustainable Mindfulness Around Food

From day one you will be held to account to take daily actionable steps and practices around mindful eating habits, which will build a solid foundation of discipline, habits and behaviour around food. This way you never need to worry about travelling, hosting dinners, going out or entertaining clients. And you won’t be missing out on anything either! And if you choose to go vegan, paleo or keto you can do it with a peace of mind knowing where to get your nutrients from, especially if you are about to avoid any food groups.

Daily Detox Rituals

Start your day right by following our morning detox ritual, which is one of the first things our students end up adopting. Stopping the poisoning of your gut and restoring your digestive tract will result in healthier liver; blasting the fat stores out of the fat cells which now don’t need to hold onto deadly toxic chemicals (so they don’t kill you). Learn to fuel your body in such way so that you are detoxing as you go along.

New Hope for Healthier Kids

The projected outcome for the near future is that parents will start outliving their children. Learn how to be an inspiration and a wellness coach to your kids so they can grow up healthier, happier and have a best start in life. Watch their mental and cognitive energy and ability shift, and their emotional wellbeing improve as their young bodies start to use up the essential nutrients for optimal growth and proper development.

Becoming an Ambassador of Health & Vitality

It is our mission to have our graduate students become Ambassadors of Health, Vitality & Wellbeing in their communities. No man or woman is an island, and when it comes to making a significant lifestyle change, surrounding yourself with like-minded people truly makes all the difference. Not only will you forever have an ally with us and in your fellow grads, but in fact you will become a bit of a subtle ‘guru’ dishing out recipes of wellbeing!

4. Education

Fuelling for health is the very first step to having a better quality (in every area) of life, yet it is not taught at school, or at medical universities, whilst Dr Google has plenty of conflicting information. When you approach your body and your dietary path with open-minded curiosity, you create the conditions out of which real learning is possible. And from that learning, as you grow, you will understand how to best fuel your unique and precious body. You become your #1 health, longevity and weight loss consultant. Wave goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity.

A Blueprint for a Dietary Lifestyle for Life

The course is designed to heighten your awareness of what goes into the fuel you are feeding your body with, to keep you alert how this affects your cells so you can make wiser choices that are easily implemented. Make most of every calorie you ingest, and of the money you spend. Leave the course with a list that is your personal blueprint for a dietary transformation, honouring your individuality, circumstances and the stage of life you are at.​

Avoid Falling Prey to Food & Meds Mafia

The world today appears to be designed to make us sick, fat and miserable. According to statistics it is highly likely that you are addicted, hijacked by food and pharma giants and you don’t even know it. Get smart so that no amount of advertising bucks or social pressures will put you back on an unhealthy track ever again.

Awareness of a Unique Approach to Dietary Needs

Understanding how gut works and taking steps towards its optimal function will transpire into the rest of the body. Essentially, we are all unique in our DNA structure, microbiome and environment in which we reside. There surely are common guidelines when it comes to fuelling for health and vitality, but you will never be treated as one approach fits all.

Know More Than Your Doctor

Your health starts in your kitchen. Discover simple tools and techniques when it comes to fuelling your body that will put you ahead of …Preventative …Unlock your intrinsic body wisdom Learn how to look through your spice rack and pick a remedy, rather than your medicine cabinet / pop a chemically laden pill who’s name you can’t even pronounce?

Course Structure

Week 1 – How to really stay healthy in today’s world


This phase of the course is focused on educating you about the importance of your gut microbiome and the huge cost to our health our modern world has created. Your diet will not be going through a huge change in this phase, yet by practicing mindful eating you will experience mental positivity, boost in energy levels and a very likely start of sustainable weight loss.


  • Gain clarity of where you are now and where you’d like to be with your health and wellbeing
  • Discover why your gut health is the no.1 predictor of your overall health, weight and longevity
  • Recognise the conditioning and brainwashing you’ve been receiving over the years and their negative impact to your health
  • Understand why you couldn’t break free from the food trap & the habits you have around food and how to achieve food freedom
  • Practice 1 simple technique to instantly alleviate fat-promoting stress and improve your digestion whilst lowering anxiety
  • Complete the week receiving Sonia’s ABCDEFG of Mindful Eating Habits which will put you ahead of the health-longevity-weight loss game before you’ve even altered anything in your diet


Week 2 – How to nourish your body properly with the right fuel


In this mid-phase we continue to learn, share valuable insights and raise awareness of how to get the most of every calorie you eat using the mindfulness techniques such as journaling, visualisation, affirmations etc. Here you start to make changes to your diet and you can expect results such as: further energy increase, lessened detox symptoms and a drop in body weight.


  • Receive a unique, well researched, conscientious Food Pyramid for vibrant health and longevity together with an exhaustive list of ingredients for each food category
  • Discover The 7 Core Principles of a powerful dietary approach which will enhance your health, longevity and weight loss and cut your risk of diseases
  • Find out the most important thing about weight loss, which is the #1 secret to dropping body fat
  • Put into practice a Daily Detox Morning Ritual, which will help you start your day right and which you will want to keep for life
  • Complete the week by learning useful lifestyle strategies for planning ahead and organizing your kitchen so that time, money and addictive foods stop being the problem whilst healthy options are always at your fingertips

Week 3 – How to get consistent health results and sustain them long-term


The final phase after raising the awareness around fuelling is to re-programme the subconscious mind, so that healthy habits become automatic and effortless. Aligning your goals with your daily actions and habits will be a total game-changer and you will be on your way to becoming healthy, happy, lean and free.


  • Start fuelling daily with 3 essential food groups for your gut microbiome and get simple gut-friendly recipes which will give you an instant energy boost (athletes and NASA swear by this), shrink your waist and reduce inflammation
  • Receive detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to calculate your daily intake of the #1 ingredient for weight loss
  • Learn about the optimum gut-fuel intake for your health, how to store it to preserve its goodness and where to source it from rather than falling into the consumerism trap or RDA coffin
  • Reaffirm the strategies for continuing to practice healthful fuelling habits
  • Find out what are the 3 simple home tests you can do that will keep you motivated and on track with your ultimate health-related goals

What You Will Get

  • Sonia will be presenting live each of the 60-minute calls via Zoom; this is not a course in which you get a generic recording
  • Monday and Wednesday evenings are dedicated to new Fuelling lessons (7 lessons in total); Fridays lunch time are allocated to Q & A where you get even more gold from Sonia (and you have something to keep you on your toes over the weekend)
  • Choice of a video or audio recording will be available after each call; you can go back to these recordings time and time again once you download them to your computer or your smart phone
  • Actionable steps and homework are given after each call to ensure your transformation and success
  • You have a direct contact with Sonia throughout the course through unlimited email support
  • 21-Day Follow Up email plan to ensure you are applying what you have learnt during the course and to solidify your new habits; stay connected and interact with Sonia and others on the private Facebook group
  • A systematized master plan and a guide to your conscious fuelling for health and wellbeing; use it to review the contents before the classes, after the classes to help you with your homework, upon finishing with the course you are left with a powerful blueprint of a lasting and effective fuelling strategy
  • All the charts created specifically for this course by Sonia are for ease of learning; additional information for further grasping of the content is added, so that more time is spent interacting on the calls
  • Printable shopping list included, as well as jump-starter gut-friendly recipes
  • Sonia is committed to helping everyone on this course get the results they want to attain; ideally ask your questions in the group which will be answered by Sonia (others can join in too), this will benefit all the members of the course community
  • Join in for inspiration, sharing of ideas, breakthrough and breakdowns, post pictures; the group is an incredibly powerful tool both as re-affirming your commitment and holding you accountable

Begin Your Transformation Today

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During her long and storied career, Sonia had the opportunity to work with these and many other health & fitness related media outlets which trusted her authenticity, positivity and expertise.

What Others Said

Conscious fuelling course has been carefully tested and achieved great results, so here’s what some of our previous students had to say about it.

One of my best decisions to end 2019 was doing the “Conscious Fuelling” with Sonia.

The course gave me not only discipline that I needed whilst building better eating and lifestyle habits, but also the structure of understanding what sufficient yet nutritive daily fuelling looks and feels like, how to feed my body-mind from morning to night, what foods are a natural medicine and how to stop unnecessary food waste.

I have started to love my body even more, even though it is not in the best shape at the moment. Now that I am armed with powerful tools and techniques, I know I will get there soon and in only 3 weeks I have lost 1.5 dress sizes and 6 kilos!

Tihana Kovacevic

PR, Digital Marketing & Events Specialist

Before coming onto the Conscious Fuelling course I thought I had a healthy diet. On the course, I got to learn what was missing in my diet without me being aware of it.

I started implementing the suggestions Sonia has given me and I could see a change almost immediately on how I was feeling: I started having more energy right away, I started getting up earlier than usual and my skin started looking clearer. I love all the changes I have made in my diet and my lifestyle and am definitely sticking to it because this stuff really works!

Mira Prakatur

Internet Marketing Consultant

Conscious Fuelling course has empowered me to take care of my health in a new way. What I got for myself is that planning and preparation is the key to feeding my body well whether at home, office, or when travelling.

I have been feeling good, my mental clarity has improved, I have sharper focus and concentration. Also, I have noticed an overall improvement in my physical wellbeing: the boost of energy means that I can get easier through my workouts in the gym, and I can now fit into my jeans better and I can zip up my jacket.

Martin Cop

Business Consultant

I am so happy for doing the Conscious Fuelling course as it has changed my life! I know I still have a lot of work ahead, but it has given me the most important steps for me to take – for a better life and understanding about my health, diet and mental health. I see life through a new lens.

Not only do I feel better and more positive about myself, but my ability to handle stress has improved dramatically and my overall happiness level is up. People have also commented about my weight loss, and the visible change in my body shape. In 3 weeks, I have lost 3 kg and 2 inches off my waist. After 5 years I can finally put on my favourite shorts!

Arminda Pedro

Personal Chef

I first learnt about eating healthily when dating an American clinician with strong links to the research community and Sonia is the only person I’ve seen in the UK who is up to date with current thinking.

I also found it enormously helpful to have somebody else take a look at how I was eating, flag up where things could be improved and suggest new things I might like to eat.

Alasdair Gill

Business Consultant

Three years ago I stayed at the VivaMayr clinic in Austria and I thought I knew most things related to body and healthy eating.

Doing the ‘Conscious Fuelling’ course has further expanded my horizons and I learned new medically related information from Sonia that I’ve never known was so important for health and longevity.

Sharon Dodgson

Fund Manager

I highly recommend this course which was an eye-opener to how prevalent malnutrition has become.

Despite food abundance, eating healthy require strategies which bypass the constant food lobby brainwashing and avoid the epidemic of chronic diseases.  Sonia teaches what every school should teach students (and their parents!) through easy to implement plans that lead to sustainable and effective wellness transformation.

Axel Ienna

Author of ‘Mind Your Mind’


Here you can find the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you happen to have any additional questions, feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to answer.

What do I need to do before I start the course?
You will be required to:
1. Fill out a Confidential Questionnaire. Clearer you are about where you are now, and where you’d like to get to, more Sonia can coach you to get to your goals.
2. Send your Food/Drinks Diary.
3. Get few basic ingredients for the Week 1 from the Shopping List which you will be sent too.

I can only make some of the calls, can I still attain my goals?
Yes, for sure you can. We had a student in one group only attend 3 calls and she reaped all the benefits and got more than she expected. Listen to the recordings, download them to your device if needed, connect with us on private Facebook group, and of course do your homework.

The times of the calls mean that I could only stay for 30 minutes. Will that work?
It will work for you as long as you keep up to speed with the supporting material, recordings and do your homework.

What exactly is fuelling?
Fuel is everything that your body can use for energy (e.g. air, sunlight, foods, drinks, affirmative thoughts, gratitude, and there’s more). Thus, fuelling is more than just what you put through your mouth, and equally important for your health, longevity, gut, microbiome, disease reversal, and weight loss.

Who is Conscious Fuelling for, and will it work for me?
Our students range from people who are already rather knowledgeable on health and wellness, those not experiencing health challenges, high-performance athletes, through to those who have troublesome health challenges. They all want to learn how to improve their dietary and health habits and live longer active life as well as how to: lose weight naturally once and for all, gain weight, improve energy, heal and be happier, sleep better, increase fertility and how to improve the wellbeing of their kids.

Conscious Fuelling bridges the gap between knowing what you should do and getting you to actually do it.

Also, it is an ideal stepping-stone before a major detox as it will lessen the unpleasant detoxification effects, as well as a maintenance programme after detoxification.

Conscious Fuelling is suitable for vegans / vegetarians, as well as for those who consume landline or sea protein. Our dietary approach is based upon personal uniqueness and raising consciousness for health and sustainability for everyone, so naturally our education will be geared in that direction.

How exactly does the Conscious Fuelling course work?
The entire course is held online, and it is facilitated through live coaching calls, and a community where you can connect with other people committed to attaining similar goals to yours.

Conscious Fuelling is based on holistic principles of human functioning, which means that besides nutritional teaching there will also be coaching on fuelling and nourishing our psychological, spiritual and emotional persona, because this is our access to a deep reservoir of energetic consistency and true health.

Will you be recommending exercise to go with fuelling?
This course is not about exercise; however, we do promote movement and working on posture alignment.

Studies show that around 90% of your body shape is dependent upon your fuel, and not the exercise. Our students continuously report how their body shape starts to already change whilst they are on the course with us.

How personal is the course?
Throughout the course Sonia will be making distinctions with regards to our uniqueness when it comes to body fuelling. As a result, our students often feel like the course was done personally for them.

Times of calls:
Evening calls on Mondays and Wednesdays run from 8.30 – 9.30pm UK.
Lunchtime calls on Fridays run from 1-2pm UK.

Please allow extra 15 mins for each call, in case it overruns.

First call will start at 8pm, so we can all get settled, meet & greet; however, the actual lesson will begin at 8.30pm.

Sonia will be on each call 10 mins before the allocated time.

What happens if I miss a call?
You will receive a recording of all calls. Due to the storage capacity of the iCloud on Zoom each call recording will be available until the next call; you will be instructed to download the recordings onto your device, so you can continue to listen to recordings time and time again.

What do I need to join the calls?
To join the calls, you will need:

  1. A device – either a computer, tablet or a smart phone
  2. Internet connection
  3. Zoom application that you will need to download onto your device (you can also use Zoom website)
  4. Zoom logins which will be sent to you

Can I use my smart phone to come onto the calls?
Yes, you can use either your computer or your smart phone to come onto the calls.

How much extra am I likely to spend, besides the course fee?
There’s nothing else you will need to invest with us; our course fee is inclusive of all your course material.

You need to eat, so you will spend money on foods, little more if you go organic. There will be other ingredients we’d like you to try like some of the superfoods. Point is that you don’t feel overwhelmed by it all, you can just add one thing per week, or so. Difference to how you will feel, look and function will still be enormous. Recommendations on sourcing higher quality foods saving you time and money will be made throughout the course.

Do you offer money back guarantee?
Conscious Fuelling is highly effective, and we are very confident that you will achieve great results as long as you stick with the structure of the course.

We also wanted to make it with no risk on your part. If you felt upon completion that it didn’t meet your expectations, we will refund your full investment made with us. We will only ask that you:

1. Complete our Student Feedback survey
2. Complete a short form within 30 days after completing the course to get an instant refund

It really is that easy. This process allows us to not only improve our services to our students so that they can be the best that they can be, but also for us to learn and grow to be the best that we can be.

Will the course interfere with my medication?
If you have any existing conditions or if you are on medications, or if you have any doubts of the course suitability please reach out to Sonia on for health screening and to arrange a time for a chat.

I have food allergies; can I still attend your Fuelling course?
Yes, by all means do join us. What’s associated with food sensitivities are damaged guts. Some people find that once they start to rotate their diet the foods that their body showed sensitivity to might not be a problem anymore (like when they consumed it frequently).

The course intends to provide education, expand horizons and allow the body to start its natural healing process. However, food sensitivities and allergies can be triggered, so it is paramount that you remain vigilant and responsible around what you will fuel with. If in doubt – leave it out!

Finally, please reach out to Sonia on for health screening and to arrange a time for a chat.

Will Conscious Fuelling help me reverse disease?
Conscious Fuelling is not a medical course nor intended to provide medical advice. We very strongly advice that before making any major changes to your health-care plan you consult your medical practitioner. This includes medication dosage.

As our students start to alter their fuelling and lifestyle, they report improved medical exams and diagnostics. Some students have reduced their dependency on medication, and some have eliminated various symptoms and ailments. These are the side effects of living intentionally and living healthier.

I have severe medical conditions and disabilities. Should I still come onto your course anyway as I just want to learn more about health, food and body in general?
Yes, do join the course by all means. It is very important that you stay supervised by your medical practitioner. Please reach out to Sonia on for health screening and to arrange a time for a chat.

I am very overweight (clinically obese), and I take various medication. I have heard of people regaining their health and coming off the meds. Is your course suitable for me to start my journey towards freedom?
Yes, it is more than suitable, and we would love to work with you. It is very important that you stay supervised by your medical practitioner. Please reach out to Sonia on for health screening and to arrange a time for a chat.

I am undergoing chemo. Can I come onto your course?
Yes, you are most welcome to come and join us, connect with other students and learn about health. We will all be here to support you on your journey. Please reach out to Sonia on for health screening and to arrange a time for a chat.

Will you help me set up Zoom?
You will be sent basic instructions on how to set yourself up for the calls. It really is very simple, just like downloading and using Skype, but better.

What if I lose the connection during the call?
Stay cool! These things happen, just come back on the call once you can re-connect. In the worst-case scenario, you will receive the call recording and will be able to follow the course just like anybody else.

Will I need to be seen during the calls?
No, you can choose to be off the video. And you can still interact with Sonia during the calls.

What if I have a question during the call?
It is really best to make notes of your questions and save them for the end of the call. Additionally, you can forward your question to Sonia for Fridays’ Q&A, ask on the private Facebook group, or email Sonia directly.

Conscious Fuelling
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