Living With AHA* Moments

(*Alive Happy Adventurous

Here are some of my favourite AHA moments. These have come when I have been really present to the wonder and magic of life, and they are pure joy!

Note: I promise you do not need to do any of this to work with me, but you may well discover some of your own

Stark naked tree hugging

Ever gone stark naked in the pouring rain and hugged trees? I did that! In 2013 I did a Shamanic Vision Quest where I spent four days on the mountain by myself with no food, no phone, no book, no camera, and practically no shoes as the soles of my Goretex footwear came off – that’s how bad it rained!

Hills and snow and skis, oh my

I love snow and I love to ski, skin up hills, snowshoe, and particularly to après ski! Verbier in Switzerland is my favourite playground.

Alcohol-free with style 😀

I am 100% alcohol-free zone, and I always ask for the prettiest martini glass for my drinks.

High pole balancing

In 2007 I shimmied up a 20-metre high pole in Fiji that only had standing space at the top for one small foot. I ‘bravely’ balanced on my tiptoes before I jumped into thin air to try and catch a trapeze (nah, I didn’t catch the damn thing…)

Gliding & sliding

When I was 17 I took gliding as a hobby! I undertook a few intrepid solo flights – just me, myself and I!

Kitten crazy

I am kitten crazy! It’s not unusual for me to look under cars to see if there might be one hiding there for me to coax out and coo over.

Connecting with nature

We have a summerhouse in Vrboska on the beautiful island of Hvar. The village is also known as ‘Little Venice’, and it’s my favourite part of the world! Nothing beats lying idle on a massive flat rock feeling its energy from the sun and thousands of years of wisdom (naked again, naturally )