A fitness, vitality and wellbeing coach and I am here to tell you:

The Body Is Not Enough.

I have spent most of my adult life in pursuit of ultimate fitness and wellbeing, and have learned a lot along the way. Today, at a stage of life where many might think it’s time to slow down (although I would wholeheartedly challenge that!), I am the healthiest, fittest, and strongest I have ever been. Furthermore:

  • I run a growing fitness and vitality business
  • I manage a team of dedicated teachers and practitioners
  • I experience a level of wellbeing I never thought possible

(Never a dull moment in my world…)

It’s no surprise that people are always asking me where I get my energy from!

But it wasn’t always like this… (read about my personal journey here)

My Philosophy & Method

All I want to do is share my skills, knowledge, and practices with you so you can have that amazingly strong, well-aligned, and good-looking body at ANY age!

Furthermore, I want you to enjoy more than physical well being: I want you to have the energy to fulfil your passions, live with vigour and vitality, and take on the challenges that matter to you, like passing those medical exams with flying colours, or smashing that marathon you’ve always wanted to do!

I am committed to your Freedom,
Vitality and Wellbeing

…and to putting a smile on your face

None of this would be possible if you didn’t have enough energy.

You know those days when you are feeling lethargic, bloated, upset, worried, fat, and unfit…?

Do you eat more, drink more, perhaps reach for pills or recreational pick-me-ups, isolate yourself from others, binge on Netflix, or even go for a punishing 10-mile run?

You’re not alone. When our bodies are not being nurtured as well as they should, it’s not unusual to turn to quick fixes to give us the energy our body lacks. It’s often easier to do this than take the time to understand why our body needs these quick fixes at all, which would make a truly valuable difference.

There is something fundamentally out of whack with how we live our lives and it does not have to be that way.

Have you ever been ‘in the zone’ – when you are fully alive and so together, you can take on anything?!

What if you could figure out how to live like that all the time?

With my approach, you can.

My methodology is pretty simple, yet pretty unique.

It’s all about:

  • An INTEGRATED, MULTI-DISCIPLINARY Approach which focuses on…
  • Attaining ALIGNMENT resulting in…
  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY on a personal level

Everyone knows that sustainable energy is a serious global problem, but most people don’t know that it is a serious personal problem as well.

Just like the environmental system, the human energy system involves several elements which all interact with each other i.e., the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, cardio-vascular systems, emotional intelligence, body meridians, chakras, and so on. Therefore, it requires a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the desired state of maximum flow and maximum renewability.

Through my experience, I have identified the following three disciplines as fundamental to addressing the wonderful complexity of the human energy system. They are at the heart of my Approach:

  • Nurturing your Physical Body
  • Being a Mind Athlete
  • Living from the Heart

My own journey has shown me that all of these disciplines are equally important, and that our vital life force, or ‘chi’, requires that we have them ALL in the best possible alignment. That’s why I encourage an integrated approach from the outset, and teach my clients to look at these in an inter-disciplinary way early on in their transformation journey.

No one discipline, no one approach will do. We are all unique, and because everybody’s system is different I will work with you to find the solutions that will be practical and achievable for you so that you can have that free flowing, sustainable ‘chi’.

The Life that you want to have
is out there waiting for you.

Each practice is a personal oasis and it is a precious time we take for
ourselves to grow, to get fitter, to get more aligned and connected. It is not a
linear journey and you’ve got to have several things happening at once.

How I Can Help You

You are about to tap into a world where hitting ‘snooze’ on your alarm clock becomes a thing of the past. Colours are brighter; noises are subdued; you have a natural high, and life is delicious, filled with health and happiness, and rich with satisfaction.

You are moments away from positively affecting all areas of your life by taking charge of your wellbeing. Moving and unravelling your body into how it was designed to be will have you feel strong, supple, lean, and energised. As you train your mind to nurture and nourish your body, you will be restoring its natural power to protect and rejuvenate itself. You will learn to align your physical being, mind, and heart, so you are fundamentally in tune with yourself. In that state, you will be able to choose the life you want with freedom, and live it with power and joy (sounds awesome, right?).

You will start to invest time and energy in yourself, and make it a norm in your day. This includes creating empowering practices: moments where you take some time out to reflect, grow, re-energise, and get (re)connected with yourself. These practices are magical personal oases, and you can make them part of your daily routine.

You will become your own ‘guru’. My Method encourages you to move past strict rules and guidelines and to get creative and playful as you tune into your body’s inner voice as your guide. You might need to educate yourself a little on how you ‘work’ – under the framework of the three Disciplines – and then you can engage in new actions and discover what works best for you. An exciting, empowering adventure awaits!

I can’t wait to witness your journey of transformation, as you take on new things, shed the old, bring to light parts of you that were hidden in the dark, and grow the new form.

To top it off, that svelte silhouette in the street window will be giving you a (slightly smug) thumbs up, saying: “Whrroar…You rock!”

Unleash that amazing infinite energy
that is within you!

What Results You Can Expect

Below are some of the results which my clients have achieved through my Method, and which I have also achieved for myself!

Nurturing Your Physical Body

Practising the balance between nutrition, rest, movement & exercise and cleansing.

  • Eliminate back pain, and learn to manage chronic conditions
  • Healthy, pain-free joints
  • Strong, functional muscles
  • Improved posture, poise and gait (often resulting in a slimmer appearance)
  • Radiant, supple, younger-looking skin
  • Eliminate bloating and gas Lose weight and keep it off
  • Enviable energy beyond your wildest dreams
  • A very kissable breath 🙂

Becoming A Mind Athlete

Transforming your way of being to become the most powerful version of you!

  • The ability to replace negative thoughts with empowering thoughts instantly
  • Better relationships (including with yourself)
  • Effective techniques for instant stress-busting
  • Let go of self-limiting behaviour, and discover personal freedom
  • Release emotional baggage from the past, and be present to the here and now
  • Break free from food / alcohol / drug and other addictions
  • Improve your concentration and mental energy

Living From Your Heart

Learning to be in tune with yourself so you live in line with your passions!

  • Be completely in love with yourself (this is a big one)
  • Live in the spirit of possibility – that you can create whatever you want for your life
  • Create a balance of work-family-play
  • Wake up with joy, and bursting with eagerness to seize the day!
  • Be happy and fulfilled
  • Experience vital ‘chi’ running through your bloodstream to energise and get you in a state of flow with ease
  • Let your spirit run free – like a wild horse!