How To Book Sonia For Your Next Speaking Event...

   Sonia frequently speaks globally at both public and private seminars.

   Her audiences range in size from 10 people at elite private events to large public conventions.

   Each of Sonia's presentations are tailored to suit the target audience.

   Give Sonia the opening keynote and kick off your conference with more focus, power, and both 
   mental and physical energy...

Some Topics Include:

1. Increasing Employee Morale by Increasing Core Alignment
2. Improved Focus & Concentration
3. Radiate As A Public Speaker
4. Peak Energy
5. Revive Youthful Flexibility
6. Re-claim Your (Innate) Power
7. Prevent and Cure Back Pain
8. Impress Your Dress – Boosting Metabolism for Women





Success Stories

I'm healthier and fitter than I have ever been in my life and I am truly grateful to Sonia's Pilates program for making that possible. It's not just about being fitter and thinner. It's about becoming aware of my body, restoring my posture, and knowing how to use my muscles properly....Read More